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oh DC... thou art a heartless bitch...

So I have spent the last week in DC, from Tuesday to Friday for work and then I flew my family up to DC for a mini-vacation. Mom, Dad and my brother arrived on Friday night. Everything was going well until Saturday 1pm. We got to have a night tour of DC on Friday night, took the family to the Arlington Cemetery, enjoyed that a lot (as much as one can enjoy such a sad place), checked into the hotel, visited this lovely Holiday festival and we were walking towards the National Mall to hit our first stop at The Museum of Natural History when mom tripped over uneven sidewalk, landing forward on her arm. Thank god she was wearing like 5 layers of clothes because it was bitterly cold but it was still enough damage to not only dislocate her shoulder but to break her arm. So we spent Saturday from 1pm to 5:30pm in the hospital. Disaster. Of course she's crying and not letting my brother or father help her get up from the pavement, holding to her oddly-turned arm. I knew it was broken when I saw it.

So needless to say it's been an insane weekend. We just flew back today and she's seeing an orthopedic that the guy I'm kinda-sorta seeing recommended and he will determine today is she needs surgery or not.

Christ, so our mini-vacation was ruined, we hardly got to see anything, it was totally sad. Now this happens right before Christmas when we have so many plans and such and at the very least its going to be a few months before she's back to her old self, especially at her age.

I told her I couldn't take her anywhere.



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Dec. 6th, 2010 07:53 pm (UTC)
Sorry to hear about your trip. I know how excited you were for it.

Let's be thankful the break wasn't to her hip or worse.

Happy Holidays! Or hope that it will be...
Dec. 7th, 2010 02:41 am (UTC)
oh man, I am so sorry to hear about that. I really do hope that things work out and she really does not need surgery. What a trip. :-(
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